Brookfield Badger Insurance specializes in providing insurance to non-profit organizations as well as insuring residential care providers. Whether the services are provided in a group home, residential setting or through home health care, our goal is to provide the best fit between your coverage needs and one of our top rated insurance carrier partners. This partnership results in long-term consultative relationships that help our clients to secure the coverage they need to protect themselves.

We understand the nuances of residential care provider accounts better than our competition. That understanding helps us to accurately present your account to our insurance company partners so that our they have a higher comfort level with your operations, exposures and the risk management practices you have in place. Once we accomplish this, we are able to negotiate the best pricing for your account.

There are several exposures that are unique to Residential Care/Social Service accounts. Knowing these unique exposures makes all the difference. One unique coverage is Directors and Officers Liability. We are experts in Directors & Officers Liability. We understand how Directors & Officers Liability protects your organization, it′s employees, volunteers and board members. Directors & Officers Liability is a unique coverage and we have the ability to explain in plain English the coverages to you or your board.
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Understanding Directors & Officers Liability will help you to utilize the Directors & Officers policy when you need it most. It also helps you to attract and retain board members who may be naturally concerned about their exposure to lawsuits from their work on your board.
Once we place your coverage, we can help you to minimize your exposure to claims, which will improve your ability to negotiate better coverage terms and pricing over the long term. The result of this process helps you reduce claims, reduce your insurance costs and overall reduce the cost of risk for the long term.

Through the process of meeting with you, understanding your needs, proposing the right coverages at the most competitive prices, and following through with risk management techniques to contain your long term cost of risk, we feel we can offer you, our client, the best value for the your insurance dollar.

Ask. Listen. Think. Solve.